Located on the Santiago River. General review and confirmation of all geological information and rock treatments determined by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and monitoring of geological conditions during the execution of works, to support and negotiate with CFE implications have any unforeseen geological character.

Rockfill dam with concrete face 203 m high, crown length of 630 m. Diversion structure 2 section tunnels portal 14 x 14 m and lenght of 720 m. spillway for 14,900 m³/s. Making work: ramp type hillside with 2 pipes and 2 pressure pipes F 7.70 m and180 m lenght, with transition of F 5.50 m and 30 m lenght. Powerhouse underground type, with two Francis type turbines Vertical axis. Load: 163.35 m, design flow: 250 m³/s.


Hydroelectric Project Baitún, Chiriquí Viejo River, Panamá. Basic engineering. Executive design. Resident for construction engineering. Preparation of As Built drawings. RCC dam 57 m high, 280 m long crown volume 150,000 m³. Forwarding work: 2 pipes 5.00 x 5.00 m and length of 45 m. Free weir crest to 1,750 m³/s. Making work: type tower leaned to the side, section 5.00 x 5.00 m and 22 m high section. Tunnel driving: Horseshoe modified type 5.90 x 5.90 m length of 6,020 m. Pressure pipe outer type F 5.10 m and length 300 m. Powerhouse exterior type with two vertical axis Francis type turbines. Load: 138 m, design flow: 75 m³/s.


Hydroelectric Project Bajo de Mina, Chiriquí Viejo River, Panamá. Basic Engineering. Executive Design. Resident Engineering during construction. Elaboration of -As Built- plans.

CCR dam 37 m high, crown length 160 m and 40,000 m³ volume. Forwarding work: 2 pipes 5.00 x 5.00 m and length of 30 m. Free weir crest to 1,500 m³/s. Making work: type tower attached to the side, section 5.00 x 5.00 m and 20 m in height. Tunnel driving: horseshoe type modified 5.15 x 5.15 m and length of 5,600 m section. Pressure pipe outer type F 4.50 m and length 280 m. Powerhouse exterior type with two vertical axis Francis type turbines. Load: 120 m, design flow: 56 m³/s.


Located over the Xiucayucan River. Coordination of exploration and topography works. Both civil and electromechanical basic engineering. Detail engineering of civil works. Resident engineering during construction (geology). The system Atexcaco consists of 4 diversion dams of CCV, between 3 and 5 meters high, a channel open pit rectangular section of 3.00 x 1.80 m and length of 1200 m. A regulation tank of 70 x 150 m in height 8 m, a pressure pipe F 1.22 m and length of 1800 m, 1400 m of which are exterior and 400 m are packed in a vertical gallery F 1.80 m. Powerhouse underground type with 2 Pelton turbines. Load: 780 m, design flow: 4.70 m³/s.


Hydroelectric Project Los Caracoles, San Juan River, San Juan province. Preliminary bid optimization. Direction of exploration and geological, geotechnical and topographical studies needed to bring projects to the level of executive design. Evaluation of all studies and general arrangements of works made for the pre-Developing new hydrology studies, analysis of seismic risk, earthquake resistant behavior of the dam and proposing changes to improve safety, functionality and cost of works. Basic engineering.

Detail engineering of diversion works, dam, spillway and associated works. Resident for the construction of the I phase (diversion and excavation for the dam) Engineering. Rockfill dam with concrete face 137 m height, crown length of 617 m. Forwarding work: tunnel Portal section 8.50 x 8.50 m and length of 745 m. Pourer to 3,200 m³/s, with 2 circular section tunnels F 13 m. Take work with port control structure. Tunnel driving: F section circular tunnel length of 1,400 m and 5.00 m and two pressure pipes F 4.30 m and length of 200 m. Powerhouse exterior type with two vertical axis Francis type turbines. Load: 150 m and design flow: 90 m³/s.


The executive design of the pipeline pressure, hydraulic vent channel design and alternatives to the comprehensive settlement of the powerhouse (2x211 MW) were performed. In accordance with MAC Engineering, it was executed part of the design works for the Brazilian generation Mexican consortium. The scope of services included the hydraulic and structural designs.


Hardfill dam 38.5 m high diversion structure in channel 25 m wide and 930 m long. Generation work with three bulb turbines 80 MW each. Water intake and conduction of 14.50 x 15.50 m. A work of exceedances with five radial gates of 14.50 x 23.00 m, 3 for the pouring of service and 2 for the auxiliary.


Basic and executive designs were recruited through Hidroconsultoría with a consortium (UTE) and given in a first phase. The project is a dam 95 m high and a powerhouse of 62 MW. The scope of services included hydraulic, structural, geological and geotechnical studies and final design work for the diversion dam and spillway and construction specifications. An earlier agreement covered the optimization studies and basic design of all project structures, making technically and economically feasible project.

In 2010 was hired to Technoproject / COIGSA update and complement of the final design of all works (except diversion ones). Technoproject performed detailed design of the dam and the whole geological and geotechnical during construction.

Activities performed:

  1. Update and supplement of the Executive Design.
  2. Current Executive Design Review and Elaboration of the Executive Design Revised.
  3. General characterization of the arrangement of the works with the definition of location and Geometric Structures; main parameters of operation, details and Instrumentation Geotechnical type treatments.
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