Hydroelectric Project Las Truchas I, Las Truchas River, Dgo. Monitoring of the works during construction. CCR dam 25 m high, crown length 200 m, volume of 30,000 m³. Powerhouse exterior type with one Pelton turbine. Load 760 m, spending 1.10 m³/s. Headworks and F pressure pipe length 0.76 m 3,300 m. Tunnel driving: Portal section 4.00 x 4.00 m and 2,500 m length. The project consisted of raising the existing dam, conduction and powerhouse.

Hydroelectric Plant SANTA GERTRUDIS - Rehabilitation and Modernization, MEX.

Detailed engineering for the rehabilitation and upgrading of the powerhouse and pressure pipe. Interfaces coordination. Monitoring of the works during construction.

Powerhouse with a Francis turbine Horizontal axis type. Load: 42 m, design flow: 13.5 m³/s. Pressure pipe: F 2.40 m and length 115 m. Executive design of the crane with capacity for 60/5 ton.


Rockfill dam with concrete face 187 m height, crown length of 550 m. Forwarding work: 2 section tunnels goal 14 x 14 m and length of 734 m and 811 m respectively. Pre-diversion tunnel uncoated F 9.00 m and length 158 m. Pourer to 14.864 m³/s. Making work: ramp type hillside with 2 channels and 2 pressure pipes F 7.95 m and length 230 m, with transition to F 5.50 m and length 30 m. Powerhouse underground type, with two Francis of Vertical axis type turbines. Load: 156.54 m, design flow: 259.70 m³/s.

Hydroelectric Central expansion Manuel Moreno Torres 2nd stage (Chicoasén), Mex.

Conceptual Engineering of the expansion. Detail engineering of the enlargement of the Powerhouse Units No 6, 7 and 8. Detailed Engineering of the vent tunnel no. 1 and oscillation gallery. Detailed Engineering of the associated Works (buildings, definitive access, offices, houses, laboratories and workshops). Detailed Engineering of Electrical Substation 440 kV transformer gallery and oil separation pits, cable gallery of 400 kv. Coordination of surveying for Conceptual Engineering. Elaboration of -As Built- plans.

The project was to expand generation capacity with Francis type units (3x300 MW). The scope of services includes civil design that was conducted jointly with Coyne et Bellier of France.


It is located in Oaxaca (southern Mexico). We participated under contract with ICA - Fluor Daniel, designer appointed under turnkey contract for the construction of a new powerhouse (2x100 MW) with existing dam.

As Hidroconsultoría shots, driving, surge tanks, pressure pipe and foundation of the Roundhouse, in coordination with equipment suppliers were designed; the scope of services covered hydraulic, structural and geotechnical design aspects, also the estimation of the hydrologic risk to recommend a building program associated with the occurrence of floods and changes in reservoir levels. The project was particularly risky because it required design and build structures to protect existing water reservoir and connect an old diversion tunnel under water, to use it as a conduit under pressure.


It is located in the Quijos-Coca basin. It is the largest hydroelectric project in Ecuador. It carried out the audit of the civil engineering project by the Chinese company Sinohydro Corporation. Comprises two rockfill dams CFRD concrete faced, two free dumps, water intake, tunnel driving circular section F 8.20 m and length of 25 km, reservoir capacity compensator two pressure pipes, underground powerhouse, with eight vertical shaft Pelton turbines. Installed capacity of 1500 MW.

The works in the collection (dam, spillway, water intake and settling tanks) are located on an area of liquefaction risk materials; The audit also designs, Technoproject has been contracted to conduct seismic risk studies, characterization of materials foundations, seismic risk analysis and analysis of the dynamic behavior of structures after modifications to eliminate risks.

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