El Novillo – Jaumave highway tunnel. It is located in the state of Tamaulipas (northeastern Mexico). All studies and designs, from field studies to executive design (180 m² in cross section and 2500 m in length) were carried out under contract with the Tamaulipas state government.

The scope of services covered hydraulic, structural, electrical, mechanical, geological and geotechnical studies and design, including technical specifications. The project aims to reduce distances and travel times from major cities of Tamaulipas to the border with the United States.

The construction did not begin for lack of funds.


Las Blancas. It is located in the northeast of Mexico, near the USA border. The executive design was performed under contract with ICA. The staff of Technoproject conducted the optimization of the RCC dam with stepped spillway and modifications to the crest, galleries and precast panels for the upstream face.
The RCC dam is 28 m high, the crest length is 2700 m, and 190,000 m³ of RCC were used. The construction ended in 1998.


Santa Rosa. It is located in the state of Baja California State (northwestern Mexico). Feasibility study and basic design of the main structures were performed.

The RCC dam is 41 m high and 150 m long at the crest with 75,000 m³ of RCC. The works were undertaken under contract with ICA.


Jales, La Ciénega. It is located in the state of Durango.

Development of the executive project of the diversion structures, intake, regulation and conveyance was carried out jointly with CFE.


Arcediano. It is located on the Río Grande de Santiago River and was built for water supply to the major city of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco.

Basic engineering of the diversion works was carried out together with the general layout of the pumping station and the preparation of the technical documents for bidding of the construction and supervision of the diversion works.

These works comprise two diversion tunnels with portal cross section of 12x10.5 m and 12x14 m with length of 494 m and 580 m, respectively.

The pumping station consists of three pumps for a hydraulic head of 430 m, discharge capacity of 19.4 m³/s and conveyance length of 1500 m. The installed capacity for generation amounts to 105 MW.

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